Monday, March 18, 2013

Top 5 Graduation Gifts

For the sacrifices and patience our graduates endure, these remarkable accomplishments must be reciprocated with treats and pampering gifts! But the biggest question everyone could raise is "what to give?".
We've listed 5 all time favorites and generically effective gift items that are also available at the store!

1. BOX OF CHOCOLATES - Nothing beats the classic expression of showing "sweetness" to somebody. The touch of chocolate lush will feed the cravings on one deserving the treat!

2. A PAIR OF SHOES - During the student life, shoes are everyday commodity and surely have become rugged and even torn. Why not give a new pair of shoes to the graduate? It's a wonderful choice if the graduate will step to another educational level; even better for job seeking opportunities and a perfect inspiration to launch a new company!

3. GIFT CERTIFICATES – If you are confused with the preferences of the graduate. This is a great idea to bridge the gap. Gift Certificates are readily available and give the freedom to the receiver to choose among variety of goods that perfectly suites personal taste. Here’s where you could get one:

4. JEWELRY – This is something we call as “luxury”, a “want” and not a need, and that is definitely the reason why we should give jewelries as a gift!

5. A BOTTLE OF WINE – Celebrations will not be complete without the sparkle of wine! This also symbolizes success and prosperity.

You sure have a different thing in mind, maybe you're thinking of giving a picture frame with the graduate's portrait, a nice metal pen, or even inspiring books and devotionals. We do have all of them in-store for you. Visit Ororama Chain of Stores for your needs!

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